Week Two


Two whole weeks on the land, and I feel like it’s been months.  There is something about this rustic camping situation that really slows down time, in a good way.  There are no phones to answer, no computer with high speed internet beckoning me away from the present moment.  Bed time is with the sunset (thankfully quite late these days!) and wake up time is whenever Everett decides it’s time for his morning nursing.


The days have been spent building, growing, preserving, and figuring out how to remain comfortable, clean, and relatively chigger and tick-free.  For me, it’s a particular challenge, as I have to interact with the outside world on a daily basis.  A few weeks ago I auditioned for, and was cast in the musical Once on this Island.  Going to rehearsal every night, I feel a strong need to be clean and laundered.  Right now I’m bathing in big black tubs full of water, washing my hair with a hose over the head, and taking daily pond dips.  It’s all so reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie, which we’ve been reading throughout this whole Missouri adventure.


The kids seem to be adjusting well to living on the land.  They play outdoors all day long, eat heartily, and sleep soundly in the tent trailer,.  Everett follows along beside me in the garden, carefully pulling weeds and watering young plants.  Ella nurtures the chickens, and begs to be taken to the pond to practice swimming.

We have been blessed with a long, beautiful spring.  Unlike last year’s drought, this summer’s rain has been bountiful, and our rain water catchment is thankfully full.  We experienced a particularly torrential downpour Saturday night, and within a few minutes time, our outdoor kitchen had  2 inches of standing water, a driving rain was soaking everything under the house roof, and the tent trailer’s tiny holes were dripping onto our bed.  We realized the only dry space was the tent trailer’s “dining table,” and we managed to host 7 people for dinner, each of us dripping wet.  It was quite laughable after the fact, but a bit scary in the moment!  The kind of experience that I will certainly remember for months to come.

All in all, each day, this land feels more and more like home.
Wishing you a wonderful day!


Like a Kid Again

13-16 GuesthouseSnow1 IcicleCurves SnowRoofGlacier

We’ve come out the other end of our first week of real Midwest snow, and I am in love.  Throughout the snowy week, I kept meaning to sit down and blog, but the winter white was too compelling. Instead we all tromped about in the drifts, built a snow fort, threw snowballs, slid down a snow slide, built snow people, and cross country skied down the street.

I felt like a kid again.

It’s been so many years since I’ve lived in a snowy climate, but I grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in Maine.  Snow was a part of my life!  And while I adored the sun of my time in Southern California, and the lush green of Oregon, there is just something about these four distinct seasons that makes me so very happy and alive.

Granted, a foot of snow makes it incredibly hard to access our land via a quarter mile long gravel driveway, never mind build our summer cottage, and that might get pretty frustrating pretty soon.  But the joy on the kids’ faces when I hand them another icicle to eat, or let them nail me with a snowball is all worth it!  Hurray for snow!

What She Sees

The past week or two, Ella has been thrilled by our camera.  She carefully places the strap around her neck, and sets off on picture-taking adventures.  She climbs up on a chair, creeps down low, quietly snapping shots.  474 photos later, she’s captured a piece of her world, and it is so fascinating to see what images she’s created. Here are some of my favorites:

Ella1 Ella2 Ella3 Ella4 Ella5 Ella6 Ella7 Ella8

I could learn a thing or two from her, my little photographer!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Homesite Picnic


HomesitePicnic1 HomesitePicnic2 HomesitePicnic3 HomesitePicnic4

Taking advantage of some warm, sunny winter days, we enjoyed a home site picnic last week.  The western view from our hilltop is just stunning, and it was easy to imagine including a deep covered porch in our house design to take advantage the evening sunsets.  Tucked in against a northern forest, the future house site just feels so right, and so exciting.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might notice that this land looks somehow different than what you’ve seen before.  That’s exactly true – we have decided to relocate to a piece of land just to the north, and join two other families in creating a community land trust on 60 acres.  How this came to be is really a result of trusting our intuition, being open to new possibility, and communicating openly about feelings and desires.  And there is a tiny dash of crazy thrown in there for good measure, but this decision does not in any way feel impulsive, but rather like a curvy path to getting to what was meant to be.

I am so excited to share this journey over the next few months as we begin to literally dig into new ground.  Right now our nightly conversations center around driveway construction, gravel trucks, hiring Amish neighbors to plow a field, ordering local oak lumber from the Amish mill, and designing a “summer shanty” to move to in April.  We’re in a time full of overwhelming details and almost impossible goals.  But it feels really good to remember my intentions for 2013:  TRUST.

Wishing you a beauty-filled weekend! Teri

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