Moving to a New Website!

Good morning!

I’ve been a little quiet here this last week or two, because I’ve been preparing to move this blog to a new web address:

Homestead Honey new website

If the gods of technology smile on me, I will complete the migration today, which means that the next time you visit my blog, please do so at  You can go there right now and bookmark it, and you will find some pretty pictures and a framework ready to import this content.

If you receive my blog posts via email, I’m going to do my best to migrate that function as well, although most likely through the newsletter service MailChimp.  If you are not already signed up to receive the blog via email, why not?  Head on over to right now and sign up in the upper right hand corner!

I am looking forward to the flexibility of my new site, and will be working over the next months to tweak it to make it user friendly, and to offer more tools and resources on gardening, homeschooling, and living your homestead dream!

See you there! (And wish me luck!) And as always, thank you so much for reading!

Building a Tiny House :: Siding and Tiling

It really is astounding, even for a house as simple and tiny as ours, the complexity of details, materials, and timing of building a house. For instance, in order to insulate our house with dense-pack cellulose, we first need to wire for (solar) electricity, put up the exterior siding, and install the wood stove and chimney.  To install the wood stove, the stove pipe needs to be ordered, a platform constructed, then tiled, then trimmed, then grouted, and so on and so forth.

And so Brian plugs along daily: sourcing, ordering, and gathering materials, sketching plans for electrical wiring, consulting with online forums, videos, and friends.

Occasionally, my skills come into play – making decisions, selecting materials, brainstorming the layout of the house – and even more occasionally, I have the opportunity to actually help build. I have always wanted to plug into the interior work of the house.  Truth be told, I’m just not that into framing or siding or making complex measurements.  But I love creating beautiful spaces, have a good brain for details, and I’m neat and organized.  Tiling really appeals to each of these assets.

Tiling1 Tiling2

Ta da!Tiling3

We found this gorgeous stone (possibly limestone) tile at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Columbia.  We were able to get two boxes for $10! In a day or two we’ll grout the tile, and then we can install our beloved wood stove.

And on the outside of the house…

Siding1 Siding2

It’s so beautiful!  This is some of the reclaimed barn wood that Brian’s been collecting and purchasing over the past few months. Some of it was ready to cut to size, but other pieces were rotting on the ends and the good parts needed to be rescued from the center.  Two sides of the house are just about complete.

Our timeline is still very tight, but we’re moving along, making good progress each day.

Out the Front Door

Snapshots and snippets of the beautiful, crazy world right out our front door.

If you’d like to share some of your own photos or a blog post, please leave a link in the comments!



One of the best parts of living in Missouri is that food just grows and grows! (Well, there are pest problems of course, but the hot days and warm nights contribute to abundant harvests). We are trying our best to take advantage of the local bounty by gleaning and buying in bulk, and preserving or storing for the winter.

We went to the local university farm last week and gleaned these gorgeous paste tomatoes.  I believe the variety is “Striped Roman.”  They are meaty, huge, and made amazing tomato sauce.  This huge pile boiled down to 8 quart jars and one large pot of pasta sauce!


I’ve been enjoying the last days of swimming in this beautiful pond.  We have yet to have a frost, so the pond remains warm enough for quick swims (and baths), even in October!


I’m kind of cheating, because this photo is technically “In” the front door, but I wanted to share a photo of the BEFORE, as we move everything out of the house in preparation for wiring, insulation, and installing our wood stove.

For the next three weeks, we will be house-sitting at a friend’s house and taking care of her gorgeous Belgian horse, Solomon.  We’ll continue to go to the land each day to work and play, but staying elsewhere will enable us to really focus on the house for the coming weeks, as cold weather is coming!

What’s happening outside your front door?