Crafting On!

I’m joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for her Tuesday Keep Calm Craft On.  It’s so inspiring to see all of the works in progress – knitted, sewn, felted.  Makes me want to craft the day away!

Right now I’m working on a pair of cabled fingerless gloves for my husband.  The pattern is Cable Handwarmers by Caffie Knits (Ravelry details here).  I am using a handspun Romney wool for the cuffs and trim, and some Bartlett Yarns two-ply for the rest.  They are very sturdy, a bit itchy for my personal tastes, but I think once they are washed and worn, they should be delightful.

What kinds of crafty goodness are you working on?

Sunday night seed shopping

(Last year’s sunflower forest)

January can be a really tough month here in Oregon. It’s dark, cold, and rains nearly every day.  Thank goodness for a cozy home, a woodstove, my knitting, and seed catalogs.  Tonight I pored over my (huge) box of seeds (I keep them in my dark, cool pantry, in an underbed storage container), determined what I’d be needing for 2012, and then oogled two of my favorite seed catalogs:  High Mowing Seeds and Territorial Seed Company.

I just placed my High Mowing order, and here’s what I got:

  • Bull’s Blood Beets
  • Three types of carrots: Napoli, Scarlet Nantes, and Danvers 126
  • Palco Spinach
  • Cherokee Purple and Indigo Rose tomatoes (can’t wait to try Indigo Rose!)
  • and Caribe and Santo Cilantro

With our 20′ x 50′ greenhouse, gardening season is really right around the corner. In fact, I should probably get out there tomorrow and plant some greens and peas!

Today, in this moment…

Today, in this moment…I’m:

:: feeling grateful for yoga classes

:: dreaming about the next sweater for me, after finally finishing Shalom

:: drooling over Brian’s oxtail stew and my winter vegetable gratin.  YUM!

:: learning to work my new spinning wheel (!!!)

:: basking in the peace of the evening

:: committing to an early bedtime!

First Steps

And he’s off!  For the past few weeks, Everett’s been standing up and taking one or two tentative first steps.  But this morning, something within him clicked, and he walked gleefully across the room from person to person, with a proud smile on his face that said, “I did it!”  And so begins the next era of our sweet babe’s life!


Our sweet hollow was blanketed by snow this weekend. For this usually rainy little neck of the woods, a snowfall is a gift indeed. And for this northeast-born girl, it’s a reminder of the days of my childhood, when we prayed for snow days, shoveled the driveway, and make forts in the pile.

This was the heaviest snowfall we’ve had in our 12 years on the property. So thick that a proper snowman was made, and best of all, sledding took place on the hill behind our house. Yes – sledding! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun in the snow. Such a sweet day.

Simple Toys

I’m always amazed by Ella’s ability to turn wood or wool or a piece of cloth into a magical world in which she can create for hours on end.  A little bit of creative woodworking by Brian, and she has pasture fences.  A few walnut hulls, and the seasonal table becomes a fairy playground.  Beautiful and simple.