Today, in this moment…

Today, in this moment…

I’m listening to the quiet singing of my 4 year old, while my husband cooks lunch and my 1 year old throws things.  Ah, the wonder of working from home!

I’m feeling invigorated by an early walk with the kids.  Everett could spend all day outdoors and be completely and utterly in bliss.  Ella pushed her baby in a stroller and was quite content to be a part of the outdoor fun.

Loving the new wooden jar holder that my husband made for wet-on-wet watercolor painting.  It is crafted out of a single piece of maple, harvested from the land.  It holds three 8 oz. mason jars for the primary colors of paint, and one pint sized jar for water.  It is functional and beautiful, and I get kind of giddy just looking at it!

I’m eagerly awaiting our upcoming vacation and the promise of sunny, warm weather!

Have a lovely week!