I do believe blueberries are my favorite frozen fruit.  Not necessarily my favorite fresh fruit (I think cherries get that award), but there is nothing like pulling out a bag of frozen blueberries in February to re-capture the essence of summer.  Plus, they are the fall-back food for my kids, particularly during teething bouts.

We found a new u-pick farm this summer.  It’s only a few miles away and the berries are inexpensive and plentiful.  Plus the bushes are small enough for our little pickers to help (or help themselves!).  So our job this week is to gather the amount of berries needed to sustain us for the entire year.

Gallons of berries have been frozen, a few pints made into jam, and countless berries ingested fresh off the bush.  (And tonight, I’m going to whip up some heavy whipping cream and just have me a bowl of berries.  Life is good!)

What is your favorite way to eat blueberries?