Strawberry Days

Strawberry days have begun.  We hit the u-pick on Friday morning, the first day it was open.  We then spent the remainder of the day processing strawberries, and of course, enjoying strawberries!

Everett likes to pick his strawberries out of the bucket.  They’ve been pre-screened for quality, and that suits him just fine!

It’s always so hard to decide what to do with the strawberries.  I decided on freezing whole berries and freezer jam, while Brian went for a honey sweetened “sam” (not quite a jam, not quite a sauce).  We use Pomona’s Universal Pectin, so we can add any amount and kind of sweetener we wish.

Even better this time around.  Old fashioned strawberry shortcake recipe from In the Sweet Kitchen.

And my favorite yet: fresh strawberry ice cream made with goat milk.  I mashed up about 1/2 cup of fresh berries, added 3 1/2 cups of goat milk, 1 tsp of vanilla, and 3/4 cups of cane sugar.  SO GOOD.

What are you making with strawberries?