Out the Front Door

Snapshots and snippets of the beautiful, crazy world right out our front door.

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One of the best parts of living in Missouri is that food just grows and grows! (Well, there are pest problems of course, but the hot days and warm nights contribute to abundant harvests). We are trying our best to take advantage of the local bounty by gleaning and buying in bulk, and preserving or storing for the winter.

We went to the local university farm last week and gleaned these gorgeous paste tomatoes.  I believe the variety is “Striped Roman.”  They are meaty, huge, and made amazing tomato sauce.  This huge pile boiled down to 8 quart jars and one large pot of pasta sauce!


I’ve been enjoying the last days of swimming in this beautiful pond.  We have yet to have a frost, so the pond remains warm enough for quick swims (and baths), even in October!


I’m kind of cheating, because this photo is technically “In” the front door, but I wanted to share a photo of the BEFORE, as we move everything out of the house in preparation for wiring, insulation, and installing our wood stove.

For the next three weeks, we will be house-sitting at a friend’s house and taking care of her gorgeous Belgian horse, Solomon.  We’ll continue to go to the land each day to work and play, but staying elsewhere will enable us to really focus on the house for the coming weeks, as cold weather is coming!

What’s happening outside your front door?