Sunday snow play

After a week of snow, and a promise of gorgeous weather, we headed up to the mountains to play in the snow.

Snowshoes on and ready to go!  Ella was beyond excited to try out her new snowshoes!

It was really quite warm!  When we made it up the hill and to the shelter, we had to peel off a few layers. Some of us peeled off more than others!

Lots of snow was eaten…

And enjoyed!

Snow mountains were climbed…

Puddles were explored…

And giggles were shared.  It was a good day.


Our sweet hollow was blanketed by snow this weekend. For this usually rainy little neck of the woods, a snowfall is a gift indeed. And for this northeast-born girl, it’s a reminder of the days of my childhood, when we prayed for snow days, shoveled the driveway, and make forts in the pile.

This was the heaviest snowfall we’ve had in our 12 years on the property. So thick that a proper snowman was made, and best of all, sledding took place on the hill behind our house. Yes – sledding! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun in the snow. Such a sweet day.

Simple Toys

I’m always amazed by Ella’s ability to turn wood or wool or a piece of cloth into a magical world in which she can create for hours on end.  A little bit of creative woodworking by Brian, and she has pasture fences.  A few walnut hulls, and the seasonal table becomes a fairy playground.  Beautiful and simple.