Getting here

Our “Missouri Trail” adventure took us across eight states, three time zones, and into the homes of four friends.  To my delight, we followed much of the original Oregon Trail route, through the Columbia Gorge, across Goodale’s Cutoff, and along the Platte River.  The trip was fun, exhilarating, boring, desolate, terrifying, and wonderful.  Here are a few highlights:

One of the many potty breaks along the side of the road, with our modern covered wagon.

Lava beds, in Idaho.

The remote Centennial Valley in southwestern Montana, close to the headwaters of the Missouri River!

Yellowstone National Park.  This was one of the scenic highlights of the trip for me, and I cannot wait to go back some day and explore the backcountry!

Old Faithful!

Driving through a herd of bison in Yellowstone.  Bison and bison poop might have been the biggest hits for the kids.

At Firehole Falls. Happy to be out of the car!  I regret to say that I did not take a single photo of anything east of Yellowstone. It was SO windy.  Windy to the point of tipping over semi trucks on the interstate!

And then onward through Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, an itty bitty bit of Iowa, and into Missouri we went, where we are unpacking and settling in!