Are you ready to start thriving?

When I first began this blog, a few months ago, one of my intentions was to share people, places, and experiences that I have found inspiring.  And while I have mostly shared images and descriptions of my children, knitting, and food so far (totally inspiring, right?), today I am so excited to share a bit about someone that I find totally inspiring.  Have you heard of Tara Wagner, The Organic Sister, yet?  If not, let me be the first to tell you how much she rocks.  She’s the founder of, and is a life coach, working with women to create lives that thrive!

I know this might seem to come out of left field  – how does a blog about homesteading relate to life coaching and personal growth tools?  Well, in my mind, homesteading begins with creating a vibrant, peaceful, and happy HOME.  And in order for the individuals in this home to be happy, we need to create lives that that inspire us.  When I am feeling fulfilled as a person, my creativity soars, my productivity increases, and I’m able to totally rock the many diverse tasks go into creating a homestead, from growing food, to making clothing, to caring for my children and husband.

I’m such a fan of lifelong learning, and being a mostly stay-at-home mom, a lot of my learning these days is accessed from the Internet.  While I try to create a balance between technology and simplicity, I have been so inspired by the community I meet online, and by the learning opportunities I’m able to connect with via the Internet.  One of my favorites has been The Organic Tribe.  Now, for full disclosure, I need to say up front that I’m an affiliate for The Organic Tribe. So that means if you click from my site and purchase one of Tara’s products, I have the opportunity to support my family with a percentage of the sale.   But I would share Tara’s work anyways because I think what she is doing is changing the world, helping to inspire people to be thriving, happy, engaged, and connected.

So what exactly is The Organic Tribe all about?  Well here are some words from Tara’s site: “If you believe there is a way to live that makes you and the people you love come alive with passion and joy (even if you haven’t experienced it yet), and you’re pretty sure it means questioning conventional wisdom and living in an UNconventional and organic way, well then…Welcome home. “ (I LOVE THIS!!).

If you join the Tribe, you get access to a ton of goodies, including monthly coaching calls, e-books, e-courses, tool-kits, and access to the Organic Sisterhood (an online forum just for women). Click here for a full run down of all of the benefits of joining The Organic Tribe.

What I have personally gotten out of The Organic Tribe is this:  A place where I can connect with other women about the deepest parts of my life – relationships, parenting, sustainability, life transitions, fears, joys, challenges; a place where I am challenged to think about new ways of being, new ways of parenting, new ways of creating a limitless future.  It is powerful, potent stuff and I love it.

So check out Tara’s site, if you feel so moved.  And feel free to contact me if you want to know more about why I think this Tribe is so beautiful.

The Organic Sister

Have a wonderful day,