September Snapshots

More than any other September in memory, this month is lasting an eternity.  Each day has been long and full, stretching beyond my usual perception of a day.  And this has been a very good thing because we are moving in two weeks. Moving across country, to a new life on a new piece of land.  And while this move holds excitement and potential, particularly because the new piece of land is ours, I also feel deep grief at leaving this rented piece of land that we’ve called home for 13 years.  The home where I learned to garden, raised animals, got married, got a Master’s degree, had two babies born in this house.

And so I feel the urge to hold on tightly to every single one of these long moments. To burn them in my memory as a record of our last summer in this magical creek-side house.

Our garden, luscious and unruly.

Huge, prolific squash, and a wool-bottomed baby.

Making roasted tomatillo salsa, with a recipe from Coyote Cafe.

Searching for tadpoles in the lake.

Frightening forest creatures at my doorstep!

Seeking the warmth of the greenhouse in the crisp mornings.

Enjoying our sweet goats.

Digging for sandy treasure.

Sharing an equinox campfire and some s’mores with good friends was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to an autumn of new adventures.



It’s been a slow-as-molasses kind of week.  Rain and snotty-nosed kids have kept us close to home, mostly indoors.  Lots of amazing food has been made, such as asparagus risotto, green smoothies, baby beets and fresh chevre, and creme brulée.  I’ve puttered around in the greenhouse, pruning and tying up tomatoes, pulling weeds, and encouraging my peppers to grow (they are not listening), the kids have been chomping on snap peas, and best of all, the beautiful spring flowers have been putting on an amazing show:

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Simple Toys

I’m always amazed by Ella’s ability to turn wood or wool or a piece of cloth into a magical world in which she can create for hours on end.  A little bit of creative woodworking by Brian, and she has pasture fences.  A few walnut hulls, and the seasonal table becomes a fairy playground.  Beautiful and simple.