Tomatoes I Have Grown and Loved

If it is not already obvious, I really love growing tomatoes. To the point of obsession.  I wander the greenhouse rows tending to my plants, lovingly pruning them, winding them up their trellis, pinching off new growth to encourage ripening.  And this year my babying has paid off, as we’ve enjoyed a lovely harvest of large, sweet, beautiful tomatoes.

Like many, I keep a garden journal with notes about seeds ordered, dates I transplant, etc.  But while I’m a very detail oriented kind of gal (I love Excel spreadsheets and making lists and all that fun stuff), for some odd reason, I have never been able to keep a harvest record. So each year I scratch my head and think, “hmmm…which tomato did I really love last year?”

No longer, my friends!  I am here to share my tomato harvest notes, for my sanity and your enjoyment!

Cherokee Purple (seed from Territorial Seed Company) – I really enjoy this maroon-tinged tomato for its rich, wine-y flavor, but it is prone to cracking and molding on the vine. Pick just short of ripe and bring indoors to finish ripening.

Pineapple (Territorial Seed Co.) – Large, beautiful red-yellow striped fruits.  Delicious, low acid, sweet taste.  This was my number one slicer this year.  With home-cured bacon, these tomatoes made the best BLTS ever.

Oldenhorf Red (Adaptive Seeds) – A new one for me this year.  These were the first ripe tomatoes in my greenhouse.  The fruits are early, perfectly red, round, and blemish-free. But the flavor is somewhat unimpressive.  I call it a “work horse” tomato.

Kellogg’s Breakfast (Territorial Seed Co.) – Perfect, huge, bright yellow-orange fruits with a sweet/slightly tart flavor.  Nice addition to salsa.

Rose de Berne (High Mowing Seeds) – Beautiful pink fruits of uniform size and shape. Intensely sweet & delicious flavor (my mother-in-law gives it a 10).  But, the fruits crack consistently at the first hint of ripeness.  Pick early!

Pruden’s Purple (High Mowing Seeds) – These are really not purple at all, but big, pink, meaty fruits.  Some cracking on larger fruits, but the flavor and texture are nice.

Baylor Paste (Adaptive Seeds) – If I had to tell the world about a tomato that I grow and love, this would be the tomato.  It has everything going for it – looks, texture, flavor, abundance.  And best of all, each and every tomato is PERFECT.  No end rot, no cracking.  Just dozens of perfect, ripe, tomatoes on every plant.  Grow this tomato and you won’t regret it!

Gilbertie Paste (High Mowing Seeds) – This is a nice paste tomato.  Large, nice meaty flesh with few seeds, no blossom end rot problems.  But I don’t find it to be especially prolific.

Principe Borghese (Territorial Seed Co.)  – Abundant, perfect, small oval shaped fruits.  Great in salsa, or roasted, or cut into pasta, or dried.  You get the idea!

San Marzano Paste (High Mowing Seeds) -Some gorgeous and large fruits, others (even on the same plant) are small with blossom end rot.  Very disappointing –  I won’t plant these again.


I’d love to hear…which tomatoes did you grow and love?



In the Garden :: 8.2.12

The most amazing cabbage I have ever grown!  I get my cabbage seed from High Mowing Seeds, an organic seed company based in Northeast Vermont.

These raspberries are good enough to just stare at all day! (Thanks DRG, for the fabulous photos!)

The greenhouse is taking off: cukes, carrots, basil, kale, peppers, tomatoes (we ate our first ripe slicers last week!), and check out those huge tomatillo plants in the back right!

One of my new favorite photos, Instagrammed by my fabulous sister-in-law.

Two hoses makes for two happy children.  (And yes, my son is always pant-less.  We practice Elimination Communication around here, and nudity is a big part of our success!)
So, what is growing in your garden these days?