Instant Gratification

So I went looking for instant gratification, and here’s what I found: Regina.

Regina1 Regina2 Regina3

Regina!  What a great pattern by one of my favorite designers, Carina Spencer.  So unique in its construction: first you knit the band, lengthwise like an itty-bitty scarf, then you pick up stitches from the brim, join in the round, and knit the hat inside out to minimize purling.  It’s warm, it’s cute, it’s a great stash-buster, and best of all: there is no gauge swatching!  Seriously – you just measure and do a little bit of math and you’re all set to knit! (Did I mention it’s also a FREE download).  Go download this pattern now!

My Ravelry notes are here.

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Knitting and reading, and reading and knitting

It’s officially Spring.  And the ground is covered in snow.  And there is a huge alder tree down in the yard, and a grand fir down in the goat pasture, and a huge cedar branch in the driveway.  And it is COLD!

Good thing I have my new Valentina Hat to keep me warm! (Ravelry details here).  This hat was the result of our women’s knitting weekend, held at a friend’s family’s cabin in the mountains.  A gorgeous hand-built cabin, a crystal clear creek, snow falling everywhere, amazing food, five women and two babies, and lots and lots of wool.  Utter bliss.

I feel so embarrassed to report that I’ve sported the same blue fleece hat for 15 years.  Even though I sold my hand knit hats for 9 years at the local craft market, I’ve rarely taken the time to knit a special hat just for me.  But last weekend was the perfect time to knit this quick, satisfying project. Not too fussy, so I could knit and take care of the baby, and using bulky yarn and size 15 needles to boot!  A final push in the 11th hour, and I got to go home with a finished product.  The wool is Puffin from Quince and Co. and is leftover from my deliciously warm Oatmeal sweater.

Today on Ginny’s Knit Along, folks are sharing what they are knitting AND reading.  As I have been doing a lot of reading, I am so happy to share!  (Notice a common theme emerging here…)

Just finished Sheepish, by Catherine Friend.  It’s not often that I am laughing out loud by the second page of a book, but this memoir kept me giggling throughout its pages.

And now onto a more practical, how-to book:  Living with Sheep, by Chuck Wooster.  I really enjoyed his Living with Pigs, and this book is proving to be equally entertaining and informative.

It’s sort of making me want to live with sheep, actually!

Happy Spring!