Knitting and reading with Yarn Along!

Ah, this waiting period is utterly (no pun intended) suspenseful.  Given how enormous Gilly is, we felt certain that she’d kid on the earlier side (depending on your reference, goat gestation is anywhere from 145-155 days, with an average of 150 days).  Today is her 150th day of gestation, and still no goat kids!  Each day I wake up with renewed excitement – could this be the day?  You’d think it was my first birth!

Patience, and a bit of knitting have thus become my companions.  I wish I could say I made more progress on the aforementioned Manda Ruth cardigan, but I did manage to complete the body, and am now cruising on down a sleeve.

And on the bookshelf are a lot of books that most likely will not get finished before I have to return them to the library!  Too many to mention all the titles, but they include references for teaching jazz dance (thinking ahead to my summer musical theater dance teaching gigs), a few sewing books, and a Paleo diet cookbook.  Because I am mighty curious about that Paleo diet!  But that’s another post for another time!

I’ll be back later this week with photos of baby goats!

Good reads and great knits

Knitting and reading today with Ginny’s Knit Along

After so many pairs of fingerless gloves (instant gratification!), I’ve moved onto a little bit more time consuming project, the Manda Ruth cardigan. Such a sweet pattern – ribbed trim, seed stitch, and a hood. I’m hoping it will fit my sweet Everett for the remaining months of his first year. Cozy and cute.

A moment of sibling love in handknits (one on loan, the other: February Girl Sweater)

And on the bedside table these days are a few great books.

WordPress for Dummies – nothing more to say about that!

The Complete Homeopathy Book by Miranda Castro – this was required reading for an online homeopathy class that I’m taking. I’m learning so much, and am thrilled to have more tools to bring myself and my family into a state of health.
A Householders Guide to the Universe by Harriet Fasenfest – this is a gem of a book that traces the year of a “householder” from sowing to growing to stowing. It is filled with helpful hints and humorous anecdotes and great subheadings like, “You’re Only as Hot as Your Kitchen.”  Love it.

What are you reading and knitting?