Out the Front Door

Snapshots and snippets of the beautiful, crazy world right out our front door.
If you’d like to share some of your own photos or a blog post,
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Chickens free range the property.  One of our year-old White Rocks, Broody, hatched a chick last week – our first farm-raised animal!  A few of the spring chicks are laying, giving us 2-3 eggs per day.  It’s so nice to once again eat our own eggs!


Ella’s first lemonade stand.  As she is very eager to have a horse, I suggested she start finding ways to earn money to care for said horse. Ella’s stand was “pay what you wish”, and she made over $6 towards her horse fund!  Her lemonade, enjoyed here by our neighbors Julia and Beth, was made with lemons from Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona, honey brought from our homestead in Oregon, and lots of ice (perfect for yesterday’s extreme heat!).  TentTrailerGoodbye

Before we left for California, we packed up the tent trailer and moved into a nice spacious 7 person tent.  The tent trailer was such a wonderful place to live for a few months, and we were so grateful for the loan.  The tent has been very breezy and cozy.


6 thoughts on “Out the Front Door

  1. We can’t wait to see new pics of home/tent! I was so excited and inspired to see the window trim go up! Glad to see friends came for the all important “Lemonade Stand”….as we all KNOW kids are relentless with that first stand…Just Me

  2. Gathering eggs is still a highlight of my day, even though I’m a grown dude. Still I share your excitement.

    This silly post is about how my family got into ducks. One of our ducks is crazy, she likes to eat snakes. I have a video of her doing just that. Take a look if you like http://wp.me/p3bCKM-43

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