The Gardening Notebook REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!


When Angi from and offered me an opportunity to review and giveaway a copy of her new e-book The Gardening Notebook, I leapt at the chance.  After all, I am passionate about gardening but yet, despite my total administrator personality, have had little success keeping track of my garden successes and failures from year to year.  In truth, this blog has been the best record of my garden to date, with photo updates and posts about vegetables I have grown and loved.  Sure I have a garden journal, but my entries are few and far between, and it lacks any framework of organization.

The Gardening Notebook is divided into several sections: first, practical tips on the how-to’s of gardening, such as Enriching the Garden, Pests, Problems, and Solutions, and Plan.  Next, the e-book includes printable worksheets with cultivation, pest, and harvesting and storage tips for the most common vegetables and fruiting trees, along with space for your own notes.  Finally, there are over 50 pages of printable worksheets on topics such as garden layout, planting by frost dates, a garden calendar, garden expense worksheets, and a monthly journal.

For those wanting to get truly organized about their gardening, The Gardening Notebook is a great tool.  What I really appreciate is that the user can print what they feel is necessary or interesting to them, and create their own personalized notebook. I, for one, would love to use Angi’s guide to create a go-to calendar of when to plant each vegetable, by month.

Angi has offered a copy of The Gardening Notebook to a Homestead Honey reader!  Here’s how to enter:

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A winner will be selected by Monday July 8th at 8pm CDT.

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Many thanks to Angi for this opportunity!

* While I was provided a copy of this ebook for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

In the Garden: 7.1.2013


The combination of hot, humid days, and warmish nights have really helped my garden take off.  The photo above was taken exactly one month ago, and the photo below a week ago, and today the garden is even more lush and verdant.  In fact, this week we harvested our first zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, and basil.  It is so wonderful to once again be able to cook a meal that we grew.

Garden-2 Garden-3

Ella’s garden (above), doing particularly well. I am convinced it is because she sings to her plants in such a sweet melodic voice.


The hot, humid Missouri weather has introduced me to a whole new aspect of gardening: pest management.  In Oregon, if you were vigilant about picking off slugs, and had a solid deer fence, your garden would fare well.  Here, I am combating cabbage moths, lace bugs, and cucumber beetles, and everybody tells me to watch out for the squash bugs and tomato hornworms.  While we slept, a large mammal (probably a skunk) crept through the fence and ravaged the garden, tearing into the sides almost every bed.  Oddly enough, not a single plant or fruit was eaten, which is why I suspect skunk over raccoon. I imagine the skunk was hunting for grubs, of which we have plenty. You can see the damage in the photo above.

Pests aside, the garden gives me such pleasure, and it is a joy to walk it each morning with Ella and Everett at my side.  Ev scouts out new green tomatoes and hunts for the last remaining ripe strawberries, while Ella hand-pollinates zucchini and creates flower bouquets.

What is growing in your garden?