Out the Front Door

There is just so much going on outside our front door right now. Red bud and apple trees bursting into bloom, outdoor kitchen areas taking shape, gardens growing bit by bit, native trees planted.  It’s almost too much to even try to capture in words, but sometimes a photo captures a moment in time so precious…

So, following in the footsteps of the many other bloggers who have pioneered the “wordless post,” I’m going to periodically share what is going on right outside my door.  Join me if you’d like: post a link to a moment you’d like to share in the comments below, or share it on my Facebook page.  Let’s all celebrate the beautiful, crazy, messy life that happens right outside our doors.



Making the best of a very cold, rainy day last week, Brian traveled with truck and trailer across the state line to Illinois to a large building supply warehouse.  He went with lists, measurements, and a vision, and came back with ten windows and two doors for our small cottage.


In the building process, as in all areas of life, nothing seems to go as expected.  In our case, the building we had originally planned to be a non-insulated “Summer Shanty,” is now shaping up to be an 18 x 20 foot insulated house. This decision was born of our desire to avoid moving out of a non-insulated structure next winter to find a warm place to live. As we fell more in love with the land, we realized we just did not want to have to leave! So all four of us will live VERY cozily in this tiny house for the next few years as we build our dream timber-framed strawbale home.

As a result of this change in direction, this summer we will be camping on our land.  Brian has been busy as ever creating systems that will facilitate our comfort as we live in a tent.  A water catchment system is in place, and three 50 gallon barrels await the next heavy rain.


A tent platform is in progress…HomesteadLife3

…and our neighbors have generously loaned us their enormous nine person tent, which we will erect tomorrow.

And so we prepare for the not-so-faraway day that we will leave this cozy, well appointed home in the “city,” and move to our rustic tent in the country.  And while I’m so excited to finally live on our land, a part of me is slightly terrified, wondering how in the world I will live with no electricity, no washing machine, no running water, no refrigerator, no internet service, and only a sporadically working cell phone.  I guess this is what chasing our dreams will look like for a few months.

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A Walk in the Woods

Spring has finally come to Northeast Missouri, and boy is it beautiful.  Excuse me if I once again wax poetic about plants, but the Redbud, Wild Plum, and the myriad forest wildflowers in bloom have me swooning on a daily basis.

The kids and I have taken to frequent forest explorations as a break from the full sun of the garden.  We bushwhack our way down steep hills with no real agenda – just discovery.  This ecosystem is so brand new to me that every day brings so many delightful surprises – just today I saw my first bluebird, and I still get all twitterpated over the bright red of the cardinal!  Our walk the other day led us into fantastic patches of bluebells and May apples…

LandWalk2LandWalk1  13-52

…Past vernal pools, and our sandy bottomed creek…


(Everett has been on a skirt-wearing kick lately!)

…and back again through the oak-hickory forest, past trout lilies, just starting to bloom.