…Things don’t work out exactly as you’ve planned.
Remember this cute perky tent?  The one we were just days away from calling home?


With a little strong wind and heavy rain, the tent now looks like this:
FloppedTent1 FloppedTent2

Yes, we are all safe.  No, we were not in the tent.  We had just climbed into our car to safely wait out the storm, and minutes later watched the tent crumble to the ground in a swirl of wind and rain.

Which means that our move to the land is postponed for a wee bit while we figure out the best solution.  Buy a new tent?  Quickly build a roofed tent platform?  Purchase an old RV or bus in which to sleep?

One thing is for sure about building a homestead.  It is anything but boring!

Have a wonderful weekend,

13 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. SO glad you all weren’t sleeping soundly inside while this happened! I can only hope that whatever you choose will be dryer and stronger, and that you all will be comfy!!! Sounds like you are keeping a good frame of mind about your adventure.

    • I have to admit that we’ve gotten a bit frustrated that our plans have not worked out as we expected, but I’m very grateful that it was just a tent collapsing and not our roof or entire house, as some people have been experiencing in these storms! We’re trying to just look on the bright side as we search for a plan B!

  2. Glad you are all safe! And dry! Good luck, I look forward to seeing your family’s creative solution … love you guys!

    • Thanks Beth! We’re working on a creative solution, and I’m sure something will come up soon! Brian is really excited about the idea of a bus, not only to sleep in, but also to store some tools. There happens to be one parked right down the road, so if the price is right…

    • Yes we had thought of them, but the ones we’ve seen around here are a bit more expensive than we want to pay. Sounds like a local friend might be able to lend us an RV for a little while!

    • It’s an idea we’ve thought of, for sure! Bulk up the tent platform and then the tent will be just fine. Some neighbors built a tool shed that they are using as a tent platform for now. Multi-functions!

  3. On BBC’s “Wartime Farm”, they made a guest house out of hay bales. Not to be confused with a straw bale house – they just stacked up bales, slapped a roof on it with a couple of windows. Looked pretty sturdy.

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