A Sneak Peek

Well, here we are, back from cake land, and once again firmly rooted in the reality of building a homestead.  Unfortunately, we have been rained out of our big moving day, which was supposed to be today. We will wait at the cozy town house until things dry up enough to move heavy furniture across wet ground.  While I’ve been sharing endless photos of cakes and decadent icing, we’ve actually been hard at work creating a rustic camping situation that will be comfortable enough to live with for three or four more months, or until we finish the house.

So here is a little sneak peek of our soon-to-be home!


The garden is really coming along.  I still have peppers, basil, and some okra and onions to plant, but the main push to build a sheet mulch garden is over, and now I’m enjoying planting, sowing, and watering. OutdoorKitchen1







Brian has been shaping and building a beautiful outdoor kitchen, creating level spaces with urbanite and earth moving, and using some lovely black walnut wood that we had milled up in Oregon to create counters and cook tops.OutdoorKitchen2


This photo is a week or two old, and shelving and running water has since been added, but you can see the sink, counter space to the left, and the cookspace to the right.  The lower level will be the “pantry.”NewSofa

Moving slightly east to the living room!  That orange sofa was a total college move-out day score!  Free on the side of the road for the taking.  At first I gave Brian a “what are you, crazy?” sort of look, but I have to admit that it is comfortable and so useful for chilling out under the blue roof of the future house.


The Sun Oven at work!  We will have a two burner Coleman white gas stove, a rocket stove, and this Sun Oven to cook with.  I hope for lots of sunny days, as the Sun Oven is SO cool.


Tent, sweet Tent.  Our neighbors lent us this enormous tent in which to sleep and play.  The kids have loved spending time in there with their dolls and trucks; it’s relatively tick-free, cool, and spacious.


And maybe the most important element of our camping situation: Water.  With this rain, we now have five 50 gallon barrels of water full to the tip top (and overflowing).  The barrels we purchased from Pepsi for $10 each.  They smell like Mountain Dew.  To filter, we will be using a Berkey Water Filter.

I look forward to sharing more in-depth information about each of these elements as we move to the land and get more intimate with these systems.  I know it will be a huge adjustment, but I’m really growing more and more excited to finally live on our land.


20 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek

    • Thank you!

      Sometimes I’m in awe of it too! And it is a bit overwhelming. Like today, my husband came home and told me our tent had blown down! I guess I’m happy that we had to slow down this week!

  1. Looks great! I can’t imagine how busy you all must be with the kids and setting up this new home. Good luck and keep us posted!

    • Hi Jo! Thanks for checking it out!
      Yes, it is busy in lots of ways, but really, right now it’s Brian’s full time job to be building us a house. He’s doing a bit of blacksmithing here and there, but mostly building. I just started working part time, and the rest of the time I’m on gardens and kid. So it all balances out. Although I imagine we’ll get busier as the summer rolls by and the house is still unfinished!

    • Yes, Randi, it most certainly does make it feel more homey! Only problem is the slant of the ground there. The kids keep falling off the chairs! I’m envisioning a nice shade structure on the flat section of the land so we can see the view!

  2. Great HH! Amazing pictures! (the orange sofa is pretty cool!) Hope you guys get a break from all the rain and mud and can do some moving! Keep us posted!) LOVE!!!!! mag XXXOOO

  3. I love reading about your journey! I did something of the sort 33 years ago..we built an octagon shaped cabin..moved in with a tarp where the roof would be..had no running water but strong arms to haul it..it was an adventure with 4 kids..but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. What I loved the most about it…making it our own and living in the woods. What I disliked the most about it..my husband moved the outhouse and because it was so heavy he cut the top off first..and never replaced it. (I’m not married to him now, lol)

    • What a great story! I bet it was one of the highlights of that time in your life. We don’t even have an outhouse yet – just a bucket – and I insist that when we do, it has a roof!

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