Taking Stock

Some days, it’s a very good idea to take stock.  It’s easy to think about how much has NOT gotten accomplished, or to stress about the very long list of things-to-do.  But when I really look back and realize that just in the past two weeks, we’ve gone from this…


To this…Cabin4

To this…Cabin7

And from this…SheetMulch3

To this…


And this…


It all feels really darn good.

(The above photo is a newly planted bed of perennial flowers, herbs, and fruiting shrubs that got dug up in Oregon, moved cross country, heeled into top soil over the winter, and now planted on the land. We’ll see which ones make it!)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, taking stock of what is truly good about life right now.

11 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Ann here—-great HH! Glad it came….we were worried about MO”s severe weather yesterday—–think it mostly in southern part. I had nightmares of a new blue roof being ripped off and flying away!!! Maybe to OZ! LOVE!!!! XXXOOO

  2. All that in addition to keeping your family loved and kissed on, meals prepared and shared, baths drawn and taken, lots of laughs I am certain, plus tons of memories. Good job Mama!!!!

    • Thanks for saying this, Elizabeth. I sure appreciate your words. Some days I feel that we’re entirely crazy for tacking this with kids, but the reality is that we’re together every day, and that is pretty special. I’m sure I’ll always treasure this time, no matter how hard it is!

  3. I can think of nothing in the entire world more special and enriching than spending time with my family creating things that we can enjoy together as a family. It certainly takes alot of work, patience, grace, and lots of other words to make that happen. Being together doing anything is a treasure for me because in reality the time we are able to do that is so very fleeting. It is exhausting but fleeting.

    One of my favorite thoughts of mine is that I like to collect experiences and memories together as a family rather than stuff.

    • I wholeheartedly agree! I have been finding it somewhat challenging lately, but it’s a good reminder for me to take deep breaths and remind myself to be grateful that I can spend this time with my kids.

  4. Is that a no dig garden you are building? It looks great – about to tackle this ourselves real soon 🙂

    • Yes! I did a post two weeks ago about creating a sheet mulch garden. It’s a lot of hauling of materials, but the garden is growing steadily! I’m also doing a bit of digging for perennial flowers, herbs, and fruit bushes. It’s a nice blend.

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