Doing things that scare me

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt has been on my mind a lot this week.  On Saturday, I did something that really scared me – I auditioned for a musical.  Those of you that have known me for a long time know that I adore performing in musicals, and have been doing it for years.  But the audition process never seems to get easier. Particularly when you’ve just moved to a new town and have no local reputation, and the directors don’t already know you and your abilities.

This audition was particularly scary for me because a) there was no dance audition, and b) I had to prepare a monologue. Yikes!!  Dance auditions are totally my comfort zone. Love them.  Plus, dancing is my strength, so it really boosts me up a notch on the audition scale.  Monologues, on the other hand, make me break out in a cold sweat.  Probably because I’ve never “trained” in theater, so I don’t really know how to deliver a monologue.  I mean, I can get online and read tips on “how to ace your audition,” but standing up in a big room and delivering a monologue when the director has just asked you to “be funny” can be kind of intimidating!

Nevertheless, I went, I sang, I monologued, and I did my best. Heck, I even made them laugh a bit.  Who knows if I will actually get the part, but I feel really good.  It’s such a great feeling to push yourself to your edge and to learn and grow from the experience.  And throughout the week of preparation, when my stomach was in knots and I was flitting around the house running lines under my breath and randomly breaking into song, my kids witnessed me feeling uncomfortable about something, preparing carefully for something that was important to me, and following through with actually DOING something scary.  It feels really good to model to my children some of the values that I try to communicate to them daily: “give it a try,”  “do your best.”

What kinds of scary things have you done lately?

6 thoughts on “Doing things that scare me

  1. I feel ya girl. I performed with Dance Africa back in January after not having done African Dance in 5 years. 4 shows in 3 days when I am not dancing 40+ hours a week…… Plus being in Eugene for it away from my family and my own bed! I even had to leave Loic home with Corey because he had a fever. It was a lot of scary all wrapped up into one weekend. But I’m glad I did it. And I think it was good for Loic to see me do it. And probably being home with dada and getting to drink out of the milk carton and watch cartoons didn’t hurt either. I’m proud of you!!!

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