The past month has been very much about taking in: walking the land, learning new trees (by bark alone, no less!), trying to figure out where to buy raw milk (I MISS my goats!), when to till the garden (some say do it now, others say wait for spring), touring other communities, and thinking about how to piece together our own homestead.  It’s exciting, invigorating, overwhelming, and exhausting (but mostly just plain exciting!).  Sure, I’ve been knitting, yes, I’m even taking on a sewing project (this pattern), and dreaming of a few other crafty adventures before the holidays, but mostly I’m just digesting.

It feels so unnatural to me (a total doer and planner) to just sit back and absorb.  To take in knowledge, without the opportunity to really do anything about it right now.  I feel like a puppy who is being held back by a leash – I just want to jump, dive, leap, lick!  I want to plant fruit trees, dig a pond, erect a strawbale home, and harvest from a new garden TODAY!  But, alas, winter is coming, and it really and truly is just time to sit by the fire, read, learn, knit, and dream.

Admittedly, there have been a lot of baby steps taken the past few weeks: dozens of native trees have been ordered (Missouri has an amazing native tree nursery with trees available for under $1 a piece!), daffodil bulbs have been planted, and heck, I have library cards in two towns!  So I try to be gentle with myself, and to find a healthy balance between wanting to do, do, do, and being okay with just taking it all in.

Wishing you a whole lot of dreaming time today!



4 thoughts on “Digesting

  1. I can really identify with the feeling like a dog being held back with a leash. It is like once some of my dreams come into being I am ready to blast forward. It feels like all the time spent waiting for the dream to arrive has been too much.

    I look forward to seeing how you are able to continue living your dreams.

    • This is a really great perspective, Elizabeth. It’s like all of the dreaming and planning and waiting makes you even more ready to leap into action when the right moment arrives…if you can be patient through the waiting!!

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