A Sweet and Simple Birthday Celebration

My sweet little Everett Alder turned two today.  It’s almost impossible to believe that the mellow baby I birthed two years ago is the same active and talkative little boy!  His sweet spirit has remained constant – underneath his loud voice and big energy is a sensitive soul.  We love him so.

We planned a day of quiet celebration, just our family, and after a big celebration for my (38th!!) birthday just two days ago, it was nice to have a peaceful day.  Ev awoke to a new (used) Brio train set, and after breakfast we biked to the train depot to watch trains.  What fun for a two year old boy to live in a town with an Amtrak station just a few blocks away!

I stitched him up a new wool felt birthday crown.  I’m really pleased with how it is coming along, and plan to add some more embellishments in coming months or years.

In the evening, we honored Everett’s two years by telling his birthday story, and lighting the candles on his birthday ring. (These rituals are taken from the Waldorf tradition and are so beautiful.  Brian made this wooden birthday ring, but they are available in lots of Waldorf-y stores.)  Some gluten-free brownies and a few simple presents and that was that.

(And yes, my birthday was also wonderful.  A picnic lunch at the land, dinner with friends, and afterwards an amazing goat cheese cheesecake, goat milk pudding, and a short somewhat-original musical performance entitled “Missouri!”)

Sweet and simple.


8 thoughts on “A Sweet and Simple Birthday Celebration

  1. Hey, Teri—super HH once again! You do such a great job with words and descriptions. Proud of you! LOVE Ev’s birthday crown! He’s quite a fun and fine little guy! Miss you guys a lot. XXXXOOOO

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