Stash Busting

It is officially birthday season.  Me, Everett, and Ella all in November and December (oh, and a few other significant holidays thrown in there too!).  And with my sincere efforts to give my children handmade gifts, I have been knitting like crazy.  Drum roll please … I have FINALLY completed Everett’s birthday vest.  Just a few days before my sweet pumpkin turns two.

It is the Milo vest, a totally cute and very easy pattern (my Ravelry notes are here).  What made this vest great fun for me is that it was a stash buster.  So I got to revisit several yarns that I have used and loved over the past year.  The garter stitch shoulders – these fingerless gloves, the light blue Cascade 220 – the oh so cute Manda Ruth cardigan, the sapphire and brown – two Pebbles vests for very special little boys.  Such sweet memories. (Not to mention the fact that now I have a total free ticket to yarn purchasing!)
The only problem with this wonderful project is that it is too big for Everett.  SUPER big.  Like, it’s even a bit loose on almost 5 year old Ella.  And why? Because I was too darn stubborn to do a gauge swatch.  I HATE to gauge swatch!  And that, my friends, is what keeps me from being a really great knitter.  So now I have a total ethical dilemma on my hands:  do I let this superb sweater languish in a drawer for two years, or do I give it to Ev for his birthday, then let Ella wear it until he grows into it?  She sure looks cute in this vest!

What would you do with the vest?  Help me out here!!

(*check out more crafty fun at Keep Calm Craft On)

11 thoughts on “Stash Busting

  1. Recently knitted this vest for my 2 year old. He is asking for it almost every day now, even over his Bob the Builder vest. It is just the best layering piece. So, the more wear the better. You get reverse hand-me-down. But you’ll need a different present for Everett. Or you could just cast-on another Milo! I used Peace Fleece and followed directions for 9 month size.

  2. Since Everett is only 2, he’ll probably be perfectly content with a WIP, whose progress he can follow (maybe he can choose a stripe colour?)- then he can “lend” his big sister the larger size. What do you think?

    • Thanks Angela! That’s a super cute pattern you have created. We just moved from Oregon, and I can totally see that vest being a perfect 4 season layer! Thanks for sharing it with us here.

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