Garlic Harvest

Garlic harvesting is a multi-generational activity here on the homestead.  Each July, Brian’s parents escape the Arizona heat to spend the summer in the Northwest.  So for a few months, we benefit from having family close by; sharing meals, sharing the joys of raising children, and sharing the daily chores of the homestead.  As their visit coincides with the annual garlic harvest, we’ve established a bit of a routine: we dig the garlic together, Grandma cleans the bulbs, I braid, and we all share the bounty.

This year we grew an assortment of hard-neck and soft-neck garlic, but it was all from last year’s saved bulbs, so I have no idea what varieties were represented.  What I do know is that our garlic lasts all year long, so we are planting cloves that have been selected for long term storage.  We use garlic liberally in our cooking, of course, but also feed it to our goats to help maintain their health.

The hard-neck garlic harvest begins. Check out the size of those bulbs!

Ella was so helpful!  She has become quite the harvester, and specializes in arranging the harvest in beautifully neat piles.

(These are the soft-neck varieties)

To the porch!

The cleaning and braiding will continue happening into the weekend, at a nice slow pace.  It’s a pleasure to work together to create such a harvest.

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