Hay Day

This Saturday was Hay Day – the day we make the trek over to our favorite hay grower’s property to load the pickup with a few months’ worth of hay.  I bet it was a real nail-biter of a haying season for the growers, as intermittent rain storms made difficult to time the cutting with a few day stretch of sunshine to dry the hay before baling.

The hay grower’s property is just idyllic; to get there, you drive a few miles outside of town, pass a crystal clear creek, drive over a covered bridge, and around a bend.  Their ranch is nestled at the foot of a beautiful hill, with rolling pastures, stately oaks, big barns, and beautiful gardens.

Brian loaded up his trusty pickup (a 31 year old Toyota that runs on veggie oil!)

Ella and Everett helped.  For a few minutes.

Then Ev got distracted by heavy machinery.  This tractor “ride” about made his day.

He managed to load 28 bales on top of his truck!  When we get home, the real fun begins: rigging up a pulley system to transfer the bales from the truck to the hayloft.

Check out that stunt!

Into the hay loft, where it will be stored.  We figure this amount of hay will last about 3 summer months, when the goats are really only getting hay at night, but are browsing throughout the day.

Doesn’t Sable look appreciative?

Hurray for hay day!

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