River and ocean

Our pre-July 4th weekend was spent camping on the Russian River, in Sonoma County, CA.  Our friend’s birthday prompted about 40 of our closest friends to gather to camp, eat, and play together for 3 days.  This group of friends is magical.  We all met working together in the mid-90’s on Catalina Island.  Teaching children and living together, we formed incredible bonds that have only grown stronger as the years have gone by.  At least once a year we gather together to celebrate our friendship.  Our numbers have grown as partners, friends, and children have joined the group, and we’ve continued to make memories together.  I feel so fortunate to have this group of friends in my life.

The river was just perfect for playing and relaxing, trying out stand up paddle boards, kayaking, and playing with rocks.

Ella rocked the boogie board, and Everett splashed and poured water from one container to the next for a long, long time!

We stopped off in Northern California on the way home, to get one more day of fun with friends, and enjoyed some great beach time.

We left Oregon on a cloudy, overcast day last week, and returned to the beginning of the Oregon summer.  I’m so excited for the summer fun to begin.

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