Scenes from the goat barn

Life is slowly returning to normal on the homestead.  Gilly’s birth was wonderful.  She had a quick and remarkably easy birth, and immediately set to the task of mothering her two doe kids.  They are strong and vigorous; within 5 minutes they were standing and looking to begin suckling.  Gilly needed a bit of a rest, but they kept bumping her with their sweet little heads, as if to say, “Come on mom! Nurse us!”

As long as we are caring for them, Ella has decided to call them Star and Spotlace – sweet and fitting names for these almost identical girls.  She truly loves to hold these little goats, and they very patiently oblige.  That is until they wriggle to the ground and tear across the barn for another race.  Fast and spry and only 5 days old. Amazing.


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