The garden dance

The garden is positively bursting with new life and vibrant color these days.  In one of my favorite beds, the steady bronze foliage of a perennial grass contrasts with the vivid newness of a hellebore in full bloom.  And tucked here and there, variegated columbines and heuchera tentatively send out new growth.

Around the corner, these lovage sprouts start small and red.  By mid-summer, they will tower over me with light green foliage and huge umbrella-like seed heads.

And of course, this is the time of year when the weeds grow faster than the vegetables, and we try to keep up.  Yesterday we tackled this overwintered garlic bed…

As we were weeding, I was thinking about the dance we do as active homesteaders and parents of two young children.  It’s the dance of “what do we have to get done, and how can we do it with two kids?”  It goes something like this:  Need to transplant some brassicas in the greenhouse?  Plop the kids in the sandbox!  Have a few beds outside that need weeding?  Hand Everett a trowel, give Ella a container to catch some pillbugs, and get weeding!  Need to feed the chickens?  One kid on the backpack, another with a bowl of chicken scraps. What about milking the goats?  Bring along the jog stroller and let Everett thrown hay on the ground!

The garden dance.  It looks something like this:






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