Peck, Tiny, and Snow Angel…

Are the names of our new chicks!  Ella has been asking for a “bird in a cage with a perch” for several weeks now. Chicks seemed like the perfect solution.  So we did a quick call around to our local feed stores and scurried on downtown to pick up a few chicks!

We came home with three cuties:  Peck, a Rhode Island Red, Snow Angel, an Americauna, and Tiny, a Speckled Sussex.  They are living happily right next to my desk in an old fish tank!  Not that they spend that much time in their tank.  Ella is perfectly happy being their human perch.

We’re all enjoying watching our “chick tv!”


2 thoughts on “Peck, Tiny, and Snow Angel…

  1. Teri you are such a great photographer. I love your pics… Thanks for sharing your blog! So great to see how things are running! Love you guys!

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