Fun with sharp needles

With all of the seeds to sow, beds to prep, potatoes to plant, and snow to play in, there has been a shortage of crafting here at the homestead.  But I love that my involvement in the Tuesday Craft On over at Frontier Dreams keeps me motivated to create and share. I found time to have a craft date with a dear friend, who was kind enough to introduce me to the super fun art of needle felting!

I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to repeatedly jab a sharp needle into a clump of wool and somehow come away with this…

A sheep!  A real, honest to goodness fuzzy wooly sheep.  (And in the background, my friend’s super adorable creation).  I’m so hooked. Fun, quick crafts are where I’m at these days.

What are you creating these days?

8 thoughts on “Fun with sharp needles

  1. He’s adorable. I have managed to needle felt a mouse and a mushroom so far. I have plans for a kitten, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Thanks for sharing…it may be just the nudge I needed.

  2. Finishing a sweater, making a hat in this gorgeous purple and aqua combo for my girl (making up the pattern!), and a stack of sewing calling me daily (that I rarely seem to get to, though just knowing it’s there gives me tickles.).

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