More fingerless gloves!

Joining in the fun at Frontier Dreams, and yes,I am knitting yet another pair of fingerless mitts!  It seems that everyone in my family would like a pair, and I am happy to oblige.  I think there is one more pair in the queue after these, and then it is back to sweaters I’ve been dreaming of for me and my brood, not to mention a cowl that I want for myself.  If only I could decide on a pattern…does anyone have a favorite pattern that would work for a DK weight merino?

These lovely mitts are for my sweet girl Ella.  She’s a sassy, creative, little one, that girl.  So she gets a little pair of sassy, creative mitts!  She picked the yarn out herself – leftover balls of some gorgeous hand-dyed merino from Capistrano Fiber Arts.  Since there was not enough of any one color, she’s getting fun mismatched mitts (I told her that it would be easier to tell the right from the left that way!).

One done, one just begun.  They really are quite precious.

Coming up this week… I’m super excited to give a tour of the homestead.  With plants in the ground, and signs of spring everywhere, it’s about time I feature some of the vegetables and animals so near and dear to my heart.  Until next time!



6 thoughts on “More fingerless gloves!

  1. I love your fingerless mitts, and that yarn is so dreamy!

    I was browsing your lovely blog before I left my comment (also a Waldorf-y home-educating momma) and I noticed the horses in the corral…..I have both of those! The bigger one was mine (I had a small Breyer horse collection as a girl), but the smaller one with the reins belonged to my uncle.

    ~carrie~ (found you via Frontier Dreams!)

    • Hi Carrie! Thanks for looking! Your blog is very sweet too! I think we must have a lot in common. My family is very artistic and outdoorsy as well. Much fun had in creating!

      The horses – one of them belongs to our good friend and neighbor, they are hers from childhood. The one with reins was a total Goodwill score! In the original packaging and everything! My daughter is quite a horse lover!

  2. The mitts look gorgeous – looks like she will have one spring coloured hand and one autumn! I am looking forward to the tour as well. I love looking round other peoples’ farms.

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